Daily Rhythm

9:00 School begins/Good morning—Children arrive and say goodbye to their parents and greet their friends and the teachers.

9:10 Circle Time—We gather together for circle time with songs, stories, and movement, as well as inquiry and discussion on our plans and ideas for the day.  We also practice yoga together throughout the week.  Our consulting yoga teacher visits once a week during this time.

Snack—A nutritious, self-serve, organic snack and warm tea will be out at this time and will remain out for an hour.

9:30 Free Play/Studio time—Children engage in self-initiated activities such as building, painting, and dressing up. Allowing ample time for open-ended exploration, we provide well thought out projects for them to choose from as well as add to too. Such as baking, art, light\shadow, gardening and construction. This is also our studio time, where we explore the large variety of art materials and tools, creating group pieces as well as our own individual works of art. Our consulting art specialist comes once a week during this time, delving into the current focus.

10:50 Clean up—Clean up and prepare to go outside.

11:00 Outside Time—We go outside rain or shine to play in the yard/garden or go for neighborhood walks. Please bring proper clothing. Layers work well. If the weather is miserable, our outside time will be shortened.

12:00 Clean up—Clean up, wash hands, and prepare for lunch.

12:10 Lunch Time

12:40 Closing Circle—We reflect on the day and discuss relevant topics, read/tell stories and sing songs to end the day together. Prepare to go home.

1:00 Pick Up/Goodbye—The children greet their parents and say goodbye to their friends.  You can also quickly check in with the teacher or schedule a good time to talk.

We have some flexibility in the schedule influenced by the children’s needs, interests, energy and the time of the year. However, the basic structure always remains the same so that the children will feel safe and comforted in the knowledge that they can count on consistency and familiarity in school.