gardenhomeAt a Glance
Willow Tree Preschool is a half-day program for children ages three to five years old with a low child/teacher ratio of 6:1. School hours are from 9:00am to 1:00pm, Tuesday through Friday. Children may be enrolled for two, three, or four, days a week. An organic mid-morning snack is provided daily. In addition to our regular daily routine, we offer weekly special programs with consulting specialists in art and yoga. With the exception of our summer program, all breaks and holidays are in accordance with the Portland Public school calendar.

More About Our Program
Willow Tree Preschool is a small, home-based program located on a quiet street in North Portland, specifically designed to meet the needs of the young child. In an atmosphere which encourages both active exploration as well as quiet time to reflect, your child might choose to bake with the group, engage in dramatic play with a friend, drape herself in silk and dance around the room, paint, or build with a variety of materials. The classroom continues outdoors where we have an organic garden; a sweet courtyard for bike riding; an area with bark chips for tumbling, running, or jumping; and a climbing structure for play and physical development. Frequent walks through the neighborhood further enrich your child’s experience.


In Harmony With Nature
At Willow Tree Preschool, children experience life through the changing of seasons, observing how plants and animals grow and change. Our organic garden is filled with grapes, mint, and flowers for tasting. Frequent cooking projects also offer a chance for children to explore and taste. By planting and tending their own garden–digging in the soil, examining the bugs, and adding to the rich compost used to nurture the growing plants–the children learn to live in harmony with nature and their world. The rhythm of the year is enhanced by our seasonal celebrations, connecting to one another with community gatherings throughout the year for the whole family.